Google will fix Pixel 4A 5G touchscreen woes

In recent few times, Google Pixel 4A 5G has reported these smartphones are gettingtouchscreen issues. Now, Google said that its working on a fix, and the company is aware of the issue with Pixel 4A 5G touchscreens.

Problems with some devices are coming when tapping on the lower part of the screen, and its failure to react consistently, which is especially affecting people who have settled on three-button navigation instead of swipes.

Android Police at first spotted complaints from 4A 5G owners who encountered the problem, after the December security fix was delivered which looks like to have cropped up.

Response from Google comes courtesy of a Pixel support discussion post. The company says that it will address the issue in an upcoming software update; however, sinceAndroid Policereports security patch of January didn’t address it, theissue is appearing as though that will be at least a couple of upcoming weeks away.

Google recommends users to work around the issue in the meantime for certain particular guidelines on tapping navigation controls. It includes tapping icons, including from the screen bottom’s navigation button, instead of using your thumb, using the tip of your finger. It will help in enhancing touch recognition.

Also, when you tap icons on the edge of the display then to avoid the issue, tap the side of the button/icon or tap the center of the button that’s furthest away from the edge of thescreen.To be true, it’s not a simple task to attempt and intentionally change something in the way you act, things like tapping a button on your mobile phone display, so we are expecting Pixel 4A 5G users will just need to attempt these awkward workarounds for a brief period longer.

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